Our offices surface area 200m2

Our production space surface area 1200m2

Our dyeing space surface area 400m2

Our storage space of ready made products surface area 4000m2

  ΄΄Taxiarchis Construct΄΄  is the natural continuity of the individual enterprise of  Konstantinos D. Taxiarchis who is active in the Construction of Steel Buildings & Steel Structures since 1984.

In 2003 with the addition to the company of two new shareholders, Antonios Dongas and Kostas Ch. Taxiarchis, the company passed into a new phase of development, creating a modern manufacturing unit of Steel Buildings & Steel Structures in private owned plant installations 7.000m2.

The course of the company has showed a variety of small and large projects, both in Greece and abroad (Romania, Poland, Albania, Cyprus, etc.).
Today the company through the high level of organization, expertise and experienced scientific and technical staff, manufactures and provides completed support to all kinds of projects while paying attention to the quality, the consistency and the respect for the customer.
With international collaborations and open horizons for the future the company constantly develops while gaining recognition and respect from the technical world.

  ΄΄Taxiarchis Construct΄΄  have started and apply all required procedures from the quality assurance system ISO 9001/2000 and soon will possess the appropriate certificates.

Factory:Koufalia Thessalonikis (4o km Koufalion-Rachonas) - Tel. +30-23910-21335 - Fax. +30-23910-21336

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