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 The company of  "Taxiarchis Construct"  having accumulated knowledge on a range of products and systems for buildings and structures installs with safety and security, various products, giving ideal, functional solutions in the construction of a project.


arrow Doors

 Interior and exterior doors for small openings and frequent crossing of people, very durable and suitable for industrial use.



arrow Industrial rolls

 Industrial rolls are destined for industry or military facilities for continuous use where high standards and high strength is required, as well as where there are large openings.



arrow Shop rolls

 Shop rolls are perforated and lattice. They are intended for shop fronts and commercial properties when their protection is dictated to be combined with the promotion of their goods.



arrow Dock shelters aprons

 Dock shelters aprons provide secure loading and unloading without the slightest influence of weather conditions in the workplace (heat loss, strong wind, rain etc.) Fragile products are protected from temperature changes, contamination and food spoilage.



arrow Dock leveler aprons

 When it is necessary to adapt the floor Elevation with the product transport vehicle, dock leveler aprons are used. Their construction is self-supporting and thereby a double formwork is formed for support that has nothing to do with the construction of the ramp




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